Judy Cheng

About Judy Cheng

Senior Physiotherapist

Judy has 30 years experience as a Physiotherapist in neurology, musculoskeletal and respiratory conditions for adults and children. Judy enjoys working with children and their families to achieve their goals whilst having fun at the clinic, home, playground, educational setting or pool. As a mother of two teenagers she understands the importance of integrating routines that work for the whole family.


Background and experience…

Judy graduated in 1992 from Latrobe University and ever since has had a passion for learning. She has completed a range of post graduate training including short courses from Monash University, Enhancing skills in Paediatric Physiotherapy, Australian Physio Association Paediatric courses and Aquatic therapy, Gait assessment and orthotics, Bobath in the UK, training in neurodevelopmetal assessment including the HINE and NSMDA, wheelchair assessment and more.


Judy works with babies through to young adults. She works with children that may need just a little help to achieve their milestones or ongoing care in a holistic way. Judy treats a variety of conditions including plagiocephaly(flat head), Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, neuromuscular diseases, global developmental delay, genetic conditions, gait problems like intoeing and toe walking, musculoskeletal problems and children with ASD and Developmental Coordination Disorder.