Ryan Marinelli

About Ryan Marinelli

Exercise Physiotherapist

Ryan has completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science & a Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation allowing registration as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Whilst completing education over the last five years Ryan has worked as an Allied Health Assistant with Paediatric Physiotherapists in play-based exercise therapy at homes or clinic settings and hydrotherapy/pool exercise sessions. In addition, Ryan has completed placements at neurological exercise therapy facilities, such as The Brain Train, gaining experience in progressive play-based therapy for early life development.

Ryan has worked in health and fitness for over 8 years, working with a range of clientele to build enjoyment and self-efficacy with engaging in exercise. In addition, Ryan works with a range of adults with neurological/musculoskeletal conditions in home-based & gym-based exercise settings to improve health and quality of life outcomes.

Overall, Ryan aims to find a way to help individuals enjoy exercise and the benefits it provides to the body and mind.